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Inspirational interviews from real people all around the world doing what they love and finding their bliss.

truth behind a recovering alcoholic

The Moment I Became a Recovering Alcoholic

Hello my name is Courtney and I am a Recovering Alcoholic.  I have been sober now for 4 years and 5 months.  I LOVED alcohol.  Alcohol and I were best friends for over a decade.  My vicious cycle of addiction w...
Become Aware of Your Character

How Aware Are You of Your Character?

Our character reveals so much about ourselves. What type of person we are and how we handle ourselves under many different situations, especially when no one is looking. Character is influence. Someone with a s...
Lindsey and Margaret K. Chaney, Author Red World Green World

Red World Green World – Margaret K. Chaney

My heart instantly warms as I enter Margaret's gorgeous Victorian styled living center and our eyes meet.  The worn maroon carpet and rounded corners take me back to a place when a woman's curve was considered ...
Raising Free Range Live Stock, Mi

The Grazing Life Farm – Bob and Chelsie Boles

The idea of becoming a farmer may sound old fashioned and quite unappealing to some.  Working from sun up until sun down, spending more time in the dirt than you would as a child or possibly cleaning manure on ...

Finding Myself in Another Country

Ever wonder who that person is that walks into a room and you can feel the energy shift, like a magnet, your attention is drawn to them and your curiosity peaks.  You think to yourself, who is that girl and why...