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Yoga and healthy lifestyle tips and events/activities in Metro Detroit for the inner yogi and adventurous soul.

Traditional American Indian Sweat Lodge Ceremony

What to Expect at a Traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony

This would be my first traditional American Indian sweat lodge ceremony.  I drove the hour with an open mind and full of wonder.  I imagined pulling up to a ranch with lots of private property, possibly some Na...
How to End Suffering and Live a Happier Life

How to End Suffering and Feel Happier In your Life

I often under estimate the power of a positive attitude.  It isn't until someone or something has managed to show me a new perspective is when I realize that life is not so bad.  I know for myself I often get l...
Feeling Bad About Yourself - Go on a Facebook Detox

What I Gained from Letting Go of Facebook for a Year

My full time job revolves around working at a computer, so in between work and during breaks, checking Facebook had become part of my daily routine.  I spent the time necessary to scroll through my news feed in...
Overcome Anxiety - Your are not Your Thoughts

You are Not Your Thoughts

Why did he say that?  What did he mean by that? Was he trying to make me feel bad? Ugh, what a jerk, yea well he is just unhappy with himself.  You are 40 years old, grow up.  Well maybe he didn't mean it?  Ugh...
Give Your Best in Everything You Do

Commit to Giving Everything You Do Your Best

There is nothing better in the world than allowing yourself to be completely in the now and committing your full attention to the current task at hand, whether it be blow drying your hair or practicing a full h...
Naturally Live with Anxiety

Living with Anxiety Naturally

I still wonder if everyone feels anxiety, but only some of us suffer from it. Do people not even realize or are aware of what anxiety is or does it sadly only effect people like myself.  My first awareness of a...


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