“Pure Potentiality says that at the core of your being you are pure awareness.  It is there that lies the domain of all possibilities and underlies creativity in all its forms.”  Depak Chopra and David Simon.

At first, reading this sounds confusing and is hard to understand.  It wasn’t until I started studying pure potentiality and applying it to my own life, that I began to truly understand its meaning.  Here is my interpretation:

Beneath our ego lies our own pure potentiality or true self.  We are all created with the same amount of pure potential, but it is up to ourselves to decide when to tap into it and how to use it.

Even this may sound confusing, you will not fully understand its meaning until you take the time to sit with yourself and tap into that pure potential or true self space.  So for example:  take a moment to connect with that pure potential or true self by using the tools below.  Start to become aware and listen to what your true self is telling you.  Maybe you envision yourself living a more active lifestyle, you are running on a beach, maybe you are more fit and feeling full of life and energy.  Maybe you see yourself starting your own restaurant, creating new food every day and coming home to a family.  Maybe you simply see yourself painting or writing music.  That idea and vision is formed from our own pure potential, it is up to us to act on it.  Every desire may be different, but we all house the same inspiration and creativity in the same space and have unlimited amounts and access to it.

Pure potentiality can be applied to all aspects of our lives and in every moment of our lives.  Every moment has the potential to be what we want it to be.  If we want to be happy and feel good in this moment, we can.  I practice yoga and in every pose, even the challenging ones that I usually dread or feel insecure about, I can find pure potential in.  If I change my attitude and look for the potential in that difficult pose, I can start to appreciate it and become grateful for what I will get from it.  That moment has changed and I found the pure potential in that moment that I once was afraid of.

Here are some ways to tap into your own pure potential:

  • Clear the clutter.  Notice the thoughts in your head.  Maybe you are worrying or comparing yourself to others.  You might be judging yourself or judging others.  By noticing those thoughts and changing them, you have removed the clutter that is going on in your head, giving yourself direct access to your pure potential.  It might be difficult to change your attitude at that moment.  Things like yoga, taking a bath, running, or taking deep breaths can clear your mind.  It is important for you to find what works and it may change from day to day.
  • Ego vs true self.  Notice if you are acting and thinking from an ego space or true self space.  Your Ego is responsible for those thoughts of worry, anxiety and judgment.  Maybe in your head you are comparing yourself to a co-worker, you start to feel bad about yourself, so you make a comment to your boss about your co-worker to make him look bad.  Your co-worker ends up getting in trouble.  Now you feel bad about your own actions and your ego has won.  If you act on those thoughts, you are listening to your ego vs your true self.  You will never feel like yourself or happy with yourself if you act from an ego space.  You will end up wasting a lot time and energy on doing things and being a person that you truly don’t want to be.
  • Shift from an active mode to witnessing mode.  Sit outside in nature and start to notice the beauty that surrounds you.  Notice the different smells, sounds and feelings.  Maybe the wind is blowing in your hair and you hear birds chirping, notice what is happening around you.  Find the beauty and awe in that moment.  Be happy with just being.
  • Sit in the silence.  Practice mediation by being one with yourself.  There are many ways to meditate, one is sitting alone in silence.  Be sure to avoid a sleeping position to remain aware.  Thoughts might come up during your meditation, it might be the right time to deal with them if you need to make a decision or to ignore them to continue reaching your pure potential space.  Its important to know that we all have thoughts that come up or our mind starts to wonder during mediation, its OK, come back to the present moment.