Day 12

Ages – Burgos

22.5 km / 13.7 miles

Today I am walking towards Burgos, one of the largest cities we pass through while walking this Camino.

On the way to Burgos,  there is this spot that has got to be one of the most weird and unique places I have passed through thus far. Normally the walk is mostly wide open rolling fields of grass and farm.  Mountains line the horizon from behind with far distance villages in the near future.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

Walking into the eerie opening

Today is different.  This one particular section feels as if there has been some kind of history here.  As if I am walking on the grave of something of significance from the past.  The fog rests in this plateau surrounded by trees.  There are stones everywhere denoting a now forgotten resting place.  I notice others as well, tip toeing our way in silence through the opening.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

Creepy or symbolic?

The feeling changes as I approach Burgos.  The city is full of people that are living their daily lives; going to work and walking the streets.  Pilgrims that I have never seen before stop to stay in this lively city.  There are tourists everywhere coming to see one of the largest most grand cathedrals in Spain, the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos.  I am always fascinated by the history in Spain that I continuously learn about while chatting with others.


Walking into Burgos

All along the way I am learning more and more about this rich culture and the mighty presence of the Knights of Templar and Christendom.  This particular cathedral dates back to as far as the early 1200s.  It is one of the most beautiful and impressive cathedrals I have ever seen.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos

Heading towards the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos

Walking into Burgos I knew that I was going to splurge and stay in a hotel; a rare commodity that I can not wait to indulge in.  The thought of taking a bath excites me.  Wifi is usually the first thing I connect to as soon as I get settled in.  I anticipate hearing from Jeff and the words of encouragement from my loved ones.

Today I receive a text from Marian and Russ asking where I am.  I respond letting them know that I am in Burgos, staying at the hotel that is connected to the cathedral with wonderful views of it right outside my window.  They are also in Burgos, but in a different hotel.  I ask if they are interested in meeting up for dinner and a drink.  There is a place by my hotel that looks promising with views of one of the many squares.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos

City square outside my hotel room

I am excited to see them.  They have become like family; an aunt and uncle that I don’t see all the time.  I tell Marian about my lost camera.  She suggests calling the albergue.  “I have tried,” I say with frustration.  “They say they have it there and that someone will bring it to the next place I stay at, I have gone to the albergue where I tell them to drop it off at, and no one ever has done it.”  I beg her to call for me since her Spanish is pretty much fluent compared to my nonexistent.  She makes arrangements in Spanish.  She puts down my phone and says, “They will send it with the back pack delivery service tomorrow morning to your hotel here in Burgos.”  Since I am already 3 days farther away from the albergue where my camera is at, this is one of my last opportunities to wait for it.  I would do pretty much anything to retrieve my camera, so in the morning I will wait as long as I need to for it.


Inside the Cathedral

We finish dinner and tour the cathedral in its grandeur. Running around like children who have never been to a fair before. Excited with big eyes and ears. I spend the evening taking a much needed bath and writing in my journal. There is no other place in the world I would rather be right now. I am at peace.