There is nothing better in the world than allowing yourself to be completely in the now and committing your full attention to the current task at hand, whether it be blow drying your hair or practicing a full hour of yoga.  It is the most rewarding feeling that can send vibrations into the world, rolling over into every moment day after day.  Watching someone completely focused and being in the now is like watching someones heart being exposed and seeing them for whom they really are.  It is the same pure potential that lies in all of us.  It is inspiring and contagious.  What if we all gave as much effort to the present moment?    

The world would be singing, spreading our good vibes and inspiring our peers to reach their own purest potential.  The benefits of allowing ourselves to get lost in what we are doing and giving our best version of our best effort is so profound that it carries over into every aspect of our lives.  It starts to become fun to see how much you can put your best into every single thing you do.  I found myself walking down the hall at work, focusing on every step, mindfully and enjoying every step I took.  I found myself looking up and seeing my peers face to face, rather than looking down, racing to my next destination.  I was able to have conversations with people I normally wouldn’t and found myself less worried about talking and who I was going to run into.

The same feeling you get when you are doing something you love can be felt in every day tasks, such as walking, showering and doing the dishes.  Giving everything you do your best alleviates the option for your mind to wander.  You are able to focus and eliminate excess clutter that feeds the endless cycle of anxiety.  Try it and see for yourself, see how much fun monotonous tasks can be.  It is up to us to determine the amount of effort we put into things and why not put that same effort into everything if we already know how good it feels?  Do your best in everything you do and watch everything turn into a success.

Benefits of Giving Everything You Do Your Best

  1. Relieves Anxiety – Free you mind of excess chatter that builds anxiety and stress.
  2. Reduce Worry – Spend your time focused in giving your best when talking to someone, working, or even walking and spend less time worrying.
  3. Build Confidence –  When we give our best, the end result is always something to be proud of.  Feel good and accomplished after everything you do because you are giving everything your full focus and attention.
  4. Create Success – Watch everything turn into a success when you give your best.  Your quality of work and life will improve as you give more and more of your full attention.