Our character reveals so much about ourselves. What type of person we are and how we handle ourselves under many different situations, especially when no one is looking. Character is influence. Someone with a strong character will make the right choice even when everyone is pressuring you against it. More importantly you will make the same choice when no one is looking.

My Grandma Sohpie is someone with good character, a role model. I have been around her many times when her choices stood out when most, including myself, would have taken the easy way out.  If she found money on the ground she was one to return it to a person in charge.  She always gave back; if she won a prize or raffle she would give it away.  She took care of my sick grandpa for over 8 years.  His disease was degenerative and he eventually needed to be bathed, spoon fed and monitored 24 hours a day.  Even though he was often angry and took it out on my grandma, she never complained.  Never once did she ever second guess her role and the service she graciously provided.

She has shown me what unconditional love feels like.  She has never judged me or any of my decisions.  She is always compassionate and understanding.  She has the ability to open herself up for others to trust.  Her intentions are always genuine and I know I can openly bare my soul with her.  She has shown me support in every idea, thought and feeling I have.  She is a role model to me who has taught me how to be an authentic, loving, fun and beautiful individual.  These are character traits that I strive for.  I can only hope that I have the strength to even be half the woman she is.  She is by no means perfect, she could have been considered a hoarder by some, but I will never forget the way she made me feel, special, loved and supported.

Character is Influence

Character is Influence

We are always improving on our character as we grow and learn.  When is the last time you checked in with your character?  Take a minute to think about the type of character you have and who you want to be.

Exercise: Become Aware of Your Character

  • Do the choices you make differ when people are looking?  Would your choices change if no one was looking and you would never get caught?  When is the last time you followed your own beliefs against others?  How did it feel?
  • Do you expect things in return?  Do you do things for other people wanting something in return?  When is the last time you did something with no expectations?  How did it feel?  Notice the difference between expecting something and doing something because you want to influence.
  • Are you a mentor?  Have you ever had a mentor influence you?  How did it feel?  Is there anyone in your life you can be a mentor for?  Is there anyone in your life wanting you to be their mentor?  What would you change if you knew you were someone’s mentor?
  • Do you expect and want more for yourself?  Who do you portray yourself as being to others?  How do you want to be seen by others?  What are you not doing that you feel others expect from you?
  • How do you make others feel?  Are you satisfied with your reactions?  How do you express your love?  Is there anyone in need of your love and affection?  How do they know they are loved by you?  What are your defense mechanisms?  How do you handle frustration?  How does it feel when you take your frustration out on others?