I often under estimate the power of a positive attitude.  It isn’t until someone or something has managed to show me a new perspective is when I realize that life is not so bad.  I know for myself I often get lost in the negative stream of unconsciousness thinking.  Losing sight of the meaning behind my past, present and future.  It leaves me in a constant state of self pity.  Poor me for my sufferings or the lack there of.  There is some sort of satisfaction in playing the victim.  It allows us to have a reason to be angry, sad or negative.  People feel for you, maybe giving us the attention that gets us through our day.  The question remains, why suffer if we don’t have to?  It seems as if it’s easier to be unhappy rather than happy.

In “Mans Search for Meaning” Viktor E. Frankl says, “To suffer unnecessarily is masochistic rather than heroic”.  We have the power to choose how we view every moment in our lives.  Sometimes it’s easier to feed the depression or anxiety rather to rise above and be the stronger person.  It’s easier to fuel drama to have something to say rather nothing at all.  It’s a conscious effort and choice to think positively.  Everything has an up and down side.  It’s up to us to choose which side we remember and focus on.

There is no solution to a perfectly happy life void of any suffering or conflict. There will always be something in your life that is hard, unpleasant or not exactly what we want, but we can choose to accept it and find it’s purpose for being in our lives.  We have the ability to change our attitudes right now.  If we can manage to choose to accept the negative and focus on the positive, we can live happier lives.  May we all find meaning behind our suffering, giving us the ability to learn and grow, turning our suffering into a gift.

3 Ways to Feel Happier

  1. Change your attitude.  If we focus on the positive, we release ourselves from holding on to negative energy.  Every circumstance has a negative and positive perspective.  If we choose to see the positive, we can forgive more, lower our defenses, remain vulnerable, love more, and feel happier.
  2. Find a meaning for your suffering.  We all suffer throughout our lifetimes.  Everyone suffers for different reasons, some more intense than others; however everyone’s suffering still feels like suffering.  Suffering can feel very negative, hopeless and proposes the question why me?  If we can find a meaning behind the suffering we have gone through, whether it be heartbreak, loss or depression; our suffering no longer feels like suffering.  We can rise above our suffering, no longer viewing it as a tragedy but rather an opportunity to learn and become a better person.
  3. Live in the now.  This is by far the hardest thing to do.  Easier said then done.  It’s impossible to consistently live in the now forever.  There are times when we are introspective, drifting into the past, or anticipating the future; it is human nature.  It is important to recognize when we are living in the past or future, dwelling instead of growing.  If we live in the now, we are free from any expectations, worry, anxiety, grief and suffering because they no longer exist or do not exist yet.  We are given another chance to change our attitudes and think more positively right now.