I was watching an interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday and the topic of gratitude came up.  She ( I can’t remember who she was interviewing, but will update this post if I come across it again) answered how she maintains her passion for life and happiness by practicing being grateful.  She wakes up every morning and before even opening her eyes, whispers to herself how thankful she is to be present and alive today.  This resonated with me, why do I wake up feeling so angry?

I often wake up feeling mad, unhappy and dread getting up.  I instantly start the routine of repeating negative thoughts and stories in my head, searching for a reason to justify my own unhappiness, often taking it out on others.  My mood is instantaneously altered and plays out throughout the rest of my day.   In reality there is no one else to blame besides my own attitude.  Some time ago I started this morning routine and is something that needed to be dealt with and it wasn’t until I had heard this interview is when I realized I had created this routine.

The interview sparked something inside of me, something that I knew I had to change and put effort into breaking this morning routine of negative thinking.  I decided to try practicing gratitude each morning.  I decided to modify my routine, to wake up, and before I even start my negative thoughts routine, add in a new grateful routine.  I whispered in my mind how grateful I am to be alive, for this new day, for the opportunity to grow and be a better version of myself and really mean it.  I got out of bed with a different attitude that day.

I continued this new routine and found that my better attitude carried out throughout my day.  So far I have been practicing this for over a week and the results have been life changing.  Even if I forget, I usually catch myself in midst of the negative routine and remember to be thankful first.  About 99% of the time after I practice being grateful it lifts my spirit and I no longer need to carry on with the negative thinking routine.  My sleep has improved and even if I get woken up or I have trouble sleeping, waking up is the same.  I can always control my attitude in the morning regardless of the things I was unable to control that occurred during my sleep.

I encourage you to start taking notice of how you wake up in the morning.  What is your morning routine?

How is your attitude and how are the quality of your thoughts?

  • Practice being grateful before you go to bed
  • Practice being grateful as soon as you wake