My heart instantly warms as I enter Margaret’s gorgeous Victorian styled living center and our eyes meet.  The worn maroon carpet and rounded corners take me back to a place when a woman’s curve was considered beautiful.  When woman stood tall and gently placed their hand in a mans hand to be paraded around.  I fall in love with her smile and laugh as she joyously starts to tell me her story of nothing but an interesting life.  I was abnormally more excited to meet with Margaret K. Chaney, there is something about a woman in her 90’s, so strong and sure of herself.  Someone who has lived a lifetime of stories and growth to share, and I gravitate toward this kind of person.  Margaret is the epitome of independence, intelligence and class.  She exudes that sweet touch and presence that only a grandmother can give.

Margaret K. Chaney, Author Red World Green World

Margaret K. Chaney, Author Red World Green World

Margaret has a unique story to share.  She is the researcher and discoverer of a universal dual polarity and the author of two published books Red World Green World, the hidden polarities of nature and The Drone of a Crone, Poems & Dialogues.  Her work is published in The Journal of the American Society of Dowsers and she has spoken at many seminars all over the country.  Her passion and research began during a difficult time in her life, when her husband was in the hospital suffering from a weak heart.  To find comfort, Margaret found herself in bookstores, getting lost in the vast array of stories to be read.  As she perused the endless options, her eye happened to catch BK Behavioral Kinesiology, later published in paperback as Your Body Doesn’t Lie, by John Diamond, M.D.  Each time she visited the store, she felt drawn to his book and would read more and more until she splurged the $10, which was a lot at the time, and purchased the book.

Margaret was fascinated by this book, Diamond had research that “Discovered our bodies could subconsciously warn us of inimical situations.”  She followed his muscle tests and experimented on herself and her husband, who was now recovering from a successful open heart surgery.  She wanted to make sure she was feeding him what his body needed and according to Diamond, our bodies can let us know.  After performing many tests on anything that she and her husband were exposed to, not only did Diamond’s tests let her know what foods made her husband strong, but Margaret noticed that she and her husband were complete opposites.  Every item such as foods, materials, vitamins, and herbs that Margaret tested strong for, meaning her body accepted the item, her husband had tested weak.  This piqued her curiosity and led to what will now be her life’s work.

With such a clear separation of two lists, which Margaret coined Red or Green, she wondered if all men and women were like her and her husband. Are all men weak to the list of items that women tested strong and vice versa?  She began testing anyone she could, friends, blood relatives, children, and strangers.  Her data had revealed that regardless of gender, race, location, age, family or any known factor, that everyone was either Red or Green and not both.  (Note: the terms Red and Green hold no meaning besides a way to separate the two types of polarities.)  Margaret has tested over 8,000 people for the past 35+ years, every person being either Red or Green.

Margaret’s research has helped doctors prescribe the proper medicine that can prevent side effects, caused from being exposed to a chemical that their body is rejecting.  Her research has given insight into what foods, fabrics, and drugs that can prevent allergic reactions or other anomalies that science and doctors can not explain.  Lack of energy, mood, digestion and allergic reactions can be prevented by simply testing what foods you remain strong for.  The benefits and answers to unexplained health issues can be endless with this muscle testing.

Margaret’s research stands alone.  She has gathered and is still growing the world’s largest and only database of hundreds of items that are either Red or Green.  Margaret’s theory does not claim to cure disease or save lives. However, it does open the door for the possibility of preventing illness and complications in our everyday lives as a result of prolonged use of substances that make us weak.  It paves the way for a new outlook on medicine and returns the control and responsibility of our own bodies back to our rightful owners, ourselves.  Red World Green World has given Margaret the passion and drive in hopes to shift the world.  She believes this research belongs in the public’s hands and testing should be an every day part of our lives.  Her wish is that muscle testing is a simple and common practice seen and performed by every one to make better choices for our bodies.

I can concur to Margaret’s theory, that a dual polarity does seem to exist and by performing a simple arm test, our muscles can warn us of substances that will make us weak.  Until you actually perform the test with assistance, and feel your own arm become weak, is when you will also know that there is something to Margaret’s research.  Everyone’s needs are not the same and by determining which category you fall into, Red or Green, you can start to become more aware of which types of foods, chemicals and vitamins will benefit you.  Watch Margaret perform the Red Green test on me and learn how to perform this simple test yourself.

Listen to my interview with Margaret and hear more about her amazing journey, her research and her explanation of a hidden polarity she has cracked open.  You can read Red World Green World, the hidden polarities of nature online, view a list of Red and Green items, and find more information here.