When is the last time you thought about the meaning of life?  So very few of us take the time to think about why we are here and what we are meant to do.  When I sit down and really think about what matters in life, what first comes to mind is one day being a parent and wife.  Bringing life into this world and giving love.  I also think about what I do for a living, if I am successful.  What if your existence has more impact and influence than you think?  Is it enough to be a parent or partner?  So you run a successful business, is that it?  What separates you from every other parent or business owner?

So you have thousands of followers online, what message are you sending them?  Are you even aware of the influence you may have on others?  Just by existing we have some type of influence on someone.  Whether it be our children, customers, students or co-workers; we all touch people’s lives every day.  It is our own responsibility to choose our character.  How we handle ourselves.  What the intentions behind our actions will be.  We can be leaders and influence or choose to ignore the responsibility.

Being aware of the influence we have on people can be just the meaning we seek in life.  Is it being a parent or being an impactful parent that matters?  Take a step back and notice your reactions, the way you handle yourself, how you speak to people or about people.  Do you listen?  How do you make others feel?  Are you proud of what you see?  Everything we do has an impact, isn’t it worth it to be aware of it?  Even if you choose to impact one person, that person will always remember your impact.  That person can go on to impact many other’s lives, allowing your influence to live on.  What can possibly be greater than that?

Exercise – Discover your meaning of life by determining the amount of impact and influence you have on others

  1. Character – What are some character traits you look up to?  Think about your character.  How would you describe it?  Are you proud of your character?  How can you improve upon your character?
  2. Influence – Who are some of the people that have had the most powerful influence on you?  What did they do?  How did they make you feel?  What can you do to influence someone?
  3. Impact – How can you help people?  How can you empower and influence someone?  Whom can you be a mentor to?   Whom can you be of service to?  What can you do to impact someone?