Most Creative Date Ideas for 2015


Creative Date Ideas for Him

1. Have your man teach you how to use a clutch.

2. Get geared up and hike a local park trail.

3. Build a campfire and cook dinner on it.

4. Join a beer club together at a local restaurant.

5. Make paper airplanes and see who can fly their’s further.

6. Each use $20 worth of quarters and play an arcade game until you run out of quarters.

7. Pack a lunch and hike into the woods to eat.

8. Gamble on horses.

9. Rent an expensive car for the weekend.

10. Practice silence for a whole day.


Creative Date Ideas for Her

1. Get up early, make to go coffees and watch the sunrise at an open location.

2. Draw pictures of each other.

3. Pitch a tent in the back yard and camp in it.

4. Use disposable cameras and explore around town.

5. Food hop to local restaurants for appetizers.

6. Grocery store switch – each buy ingrediates for each other to cook, see who’s turns out better.

7. Volunteer together, local animal shelter or food bank.

8. Rent a pontoon boat for the day.

9. Visit a brewery and sample beer flights.

10. Visit a dark sky park and stargaze.