Lake Superior Provincial Park is a hidden gem, located about 7 hours from the Metro Detroit area.  The area is secluded, remote, and beautiful.  Rocky cliffs line the east end of Lake Superior providing a grandiose view on your drive in.  This area is home to plentiful wildlife including Moose, Bear and other common forest animals.  There are many coves to explore with sandy beaches to spend the day at.  We geared up our surf boards in search of potential surf spots.

What to do at Lake Superior Provincial Park:

  • Drive the coast and visit some amazing bays like Old Woman Bay.  You will not be disappointed with Old Woman Bay’s towering landscapes.  Lush green mountains surround this little cove and is like you have been transported to a remote island.
  • Hike to see the Agawa Rock Pictographs.  The trail is short, but rugged, descending through rock chasms and broken boulders.  The Pictographs are accessed from a rock ledge at the edge of Lake Superior and can only be viewed when the lake is calm.  We walked barefoot along the ridge to see the pictographs.

Where to stay while visiting Lake Superior Provincial Park:

  • Agawa Bay Campground is a premier campground located right on Lake Superior on a 3km beach.  Open only from Spring to Fall, this campground allows reservations.  It is dog friendly, even providing a special area for dogs to play on the beach.  There are bathrooms/showers as well as laundry.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Agawa Bay Campground is about an hour in with no other restaurants or gas around.  Make sure to fill up on gas before heading into the park.