Who doesn’t love a good paranormal story?  I’ll take ghosts and aliens over common things like the weather and politics any day.  Mystic Mitten Paranormal is our local paranormal group that caters to the Metro Detroit area.  They are your go to group to debunk or validate the unexplained and provide comfort during what can be a uncomfortable experience with the unknown.  Mystic Mitten Paranormal is founded by Photographer Jessica Krutell and Intuitive Medium Hillary Stone.  Their tag team duo compliments each other in a way that provides a professional and honest approach to their work.  Jessica the investigative and logical side and Hillary the intuitive empath are able to piece together a case that can bring a sense of closure or peace to a situation.

Jessica and Hillary are not strangers to the paranormal.  Jessica has always been a fan of paranormal tv and Hillary grew up in a family of mediums and psychics.  They have both had their own encounters with what we might call ghosts or as they say “disembodied consciousness” throughout their life.  Hillary began tarot card reading at 13 and now provides readings and facilitates mediumship as she is called upon.  Jessica and Hillary met during college at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.  It wasn’t until Hillary contacted Jessica to shoot some photos for her business is when the idea of Mystic Mitten Paranormal gave birth.

Answers for those who seek. Help for those in need. Light for those lost in darkness.

Jessica and Hilary don’t necessarily get rid of spirits but but they can help reframe a situation to provide a sense of peace.  They will not convince or impose their opinion and beliefs on anyone.  They pride themselves in being professional and will even admit when they don’t really find anything.  “We approach everything we do with tremendous respect, professionalism, and gratitude; and credit this approach to our ability to find answers. We utilize the latest technology available in the field as well as other high-end equipment, and document our investigations with integrity and a science-minded approach.”  They are unique because not only will they perform a formal investigation of a home or business, but they more often than not will provide a healing experience to help you move past fear.

Most often the work behind a case is hours spent researching an area and piecing together for what could be a story to explain things that we can not currently prove with science.  One of Mystic Mittens most recent case is in a house in Harrison Township, Mi.  A little girl, now young adult, experienced consistent visits through out her life from many children.  Through hours of research, which can take Jessica and Hillary all over, Mystic Mitten was able to find data of the land occupancy to date as far back as 1874.  A family with many children once lived on the same property, as well as an old school near by.  The case is still in development, but this information is priceless.  For this family, it has provided a sense of validation and explanation to what they have been experiencing.

I think it is important to provide a realistic expectation of a ghost hunting vs what we see on television.  Television is made to be more exaggerative and entertaining, however in real life there might not always be evidence of a spirt. The nuggets of evidence are far more sparse than what we see on television and not as dramatic.  Most of the time a tiny snippet of audio is what Jessica and Hillary will walk away with.  They can not control who comes through or what happens during a paranormal investigation.  Most encounters are chance encounters, but when they do occur, it is magical enough to keep pursuing their passion for connecting with disembodied consciousness and providing healing for their clients.

Paranormal Myths

  1. Paranormal activity only happen at night.  Wrong, paranormal experiences can happen at any time and most of the time we are probably not even aware of it during the day.  People often experience the paranormal at night due to possible heightened senses from low lighting.
  2.  Paranormal investigations are scary.  Most investigations are spent sitting around and waiting.  For Jessica, there has only been one time when she felt a little scared, when she felt something touch her hair.  Otherwise, they usually do not experience anything.  Most of their findings are actually found during hours of reviewing audio/video post investigation.
  3.  Paranormal activity only happens in a house or building.  This is false, activity can happen on old ruins or grounds.  Jessica and Hillary have done investigations in cemeteries and in the woods.
  4.  A house or business that is haunted experiences extreme paranormal activity all the time (like we see on tv).  This is false, more often than not, activity is a chance encounter and may happen only a few times for someone.  Most encounters are not a scary experience, but an experience that feels questionable if it really happened.

If you feel that your home or place of business is spirited and would like Mystic Mitten Paranormal Group to provide a free paranormal investigation, ghost hunting expedition, or spirit communication session please feel free to contact them on their website or facebook page.