Kristi Marth MA, LPC, NCC and Shaman, incorporates shamanism within her traditional talk therapy sessions to heal her clients in a much faster and direct way.  Traditional talk therapy often only touches the surface of issues that in the world of shamanism lie within your energy.  Trauma can be passed and created without us even realizing, especially at very young ages.  This energy lives within us and drives us in ways that we are not even aware of.

Shamans can help transform energy into an aspect that is now loved and no longer controlling the person out of fear or hurt.  Talk therapy is a great tool, but combined with alternative energy techniques is a more complete and simple approach to actual healing.

“A shaman is a specific type of healer who uses an alternate state of consciousness to enter the invisible world, which is made up of all unseen aspects of the world that affect us, including the spiritual, emotional, mental, mythical, archetypal, and dream worlds.  The shaman is unique in that he or she not only has increased facility for traveling in non-ordinary realms, but also uses their spirit relationships to create changes that will manifest in the physical world, for the healing of individuals or the community.”

In shamanism, there are certain beliefs centered around disease:

  • Similar symptoms or diseases do not stem from the same underlying root energetic problem
  • Community disharmony often manifests in individual illness
  • Any illness may have a significant underlying spiritual or energetic issue, regardless of the form in which that illness manifests – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or relational


Schooling for Traditional therapy did not seem to incorporate the complete picture for Kristi.  After college she looked into alternative healing modalities like reiki and shamanism.  She found how well energy healing goes hand in hand with therapy and was surprised it was not part of her modern education.  She is now a Reiki Therapist and an Earthkeeper Shaman studying to become a Full Mesa Shaman.

Kristi allows the unknown to live within her space.  Her clients often come in with relationship issues or feel a certain way and by bringing in spirituality she can shine light on what that person might not be aware of.  There are often times we are not acknowledging our own spiritual nature or aspects of ourselves which causes pain and suffering.

Kristi believes that a traumatic moment lives as energy patterns in our body.  Talk therapy can not access impactful traumas that most often happen at prime ages from birth to age 3, which does not have language tied to the trauma.  Standard talk therapy works with surface level consciousness, which is only the tip of the iceberg.  If a person can trust the process and let the energy move, even if they can’t put their finger on what happened, profound healing can happen.

The great thing about energy therapy is that it is something you can do on your own.  Managing your energy is something we all should be doing every day for ourselves.  Energy is so subtle, sometimes it can affect you during every day activities like conversing, watching tv or reading.  It is our responsibility to release this energy by going within through meditation or even doing simpler things like taking a bath and letting your body speak to you without judgment.  Through love and acceptance a weight can be lifted and the energy can no longer feel so painful.

For anyone who has tried traditional therapy and is looking for something more, a shaman might just be what you are looking for.  To meet with Kristi you can contact her directly by texting or calling 586-872-3617 or email