Full Body Reiki Session St. Clair Shores, MI

Full Body Reiki Treatment


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A full body reiki treatment is an hour long session. The reiki session can promote relaxation and peace. Reiki connects us to the Universal Life Force, this energy knows what needs to be healed.

Full body reiki treatment can find positive benefits from those suffering from

  • aches/pains
  • stress/anxiety
  • speed up healing processes
  • enhance immune system
  • sleep
  • depression
  • full body 
  • infertility

Things to expect during your reiki experience are:

  • tingling,
  • heat/cool sensations,
  • emotional responses
  • past life flashes, colors, memory flashes
  • rumbling stomach
  • sensing the practitioners hands

Reiki balances mind, body and spirit aiding in all levels of healing. Can be combined with many other therapies. 

Located in person in St. Clair Shores, Metro Detroit Area or available for a virtual session. 


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