I’ve always struggled with following through on what I wanted or sticking with any type of goal or idea I would start.  I was always jumping around from one idea to the next, only lasting a short time before I felt bored.  I felt like I couldn’t decide on one thing, I wanted to do everything, I was so interested in everything and influenced by what everyone else was doing.  I’ve always been a very creative person, to harness that energy and put it towards something without thinking of my next project was very difficult for me.  I would not stay long enough or give myself fully to the current moment before I was already jumping on to the next idea.

It wasn’t until I decided to join a yoga teacher training program to eventually start teaching yoga, that people around me starting making comments about how I’m already on to the next thing and that I always have something going on that I realized they were right.  I didn’t want this to be the next best thing.  When I started to feel bored, instead of looking for something new, I decided to build off of what I’ve already started to create something bigger.  I decided to stick with what I knew I loved and re-focus on what I’ve already started and set little goals to work towards the life I want.

To make your dreams become a reality:

  1. Decide upon the type of life you want for yourself.  What do you dream about?  Where do you see yourself?  What does your life look and feel like?

  2. Set little goals that will bring you closer to that life.

  3. Keep your goals to yourself.  We all get excited when we start working towards our goals, it is important to refrain from telling the world.  Hold it in until you have accomplished it before you tell people about it.

  4. Praise yourself and be thankful after you have completed a goal

  5. Continue this cycle, re-evaluating where you are at, determine if you have strayed or are on the right path