Smudging is a Native American practice used to purify your home, office or any space including yourself of negative energy.  The purpose of smudging is to remove any negative energy that may exist in a time when you are wanting to move on to a new cycle or time in your life.  It represents starting new and releasing any negative energy that you and your space might hold.

There are many ways to perform the ceremony according to different resources, however I am going to keep it simple.


The tools you will need are:

  • smudge stick
  • candle
  • fire proof container

Steps to Smudge Your Home

  1. Light your candle and lay out your tools in a sacred space.
  2. Take a moment to meditate, letting go of anything you are currently holding onto until you are ready to move on.
  3. Light the smudge stick end with the candle and blow out the flames, waft the smudge with your hands or a feather, letting the smudge smolder and smoke.
  4. Start with your front door and waft the smudge in circles moving from room to room in a clockwise direction, making sure to spend more time in each corner and open any closets or cupboards.  The whole time visualize the negative energy being released and replaced with positive energy.  Make sure to use the fireproof container to hold underneath the smudge as you walk around to catch any burning ashes.
  5. Put out the smudge in the fireproof container when you have reached the front door again and store for next time.