My full time job revolves around working at a computer, so in between work and during breaks, checking Facebook had become part of my daily routine.  I spent the time necessary to scroll through my news feed in order to catch up with the last post I had read during my previous break.  It had gotten to the point where I was checking Facebook on my phone or computer about every half hour or so, sometimes so often that I did not even have an update to read in my feed.  Facebook became my go to hobby, it was always there for me and I felt like I had to use it.

Like an addiction, using Facebook provided that instant gratification needed to feel good, but oh so quickly left me feeling unsatisfied, jealous and annoyed, craving that rewarding behavior again.  Comparing myself to what others were doing was the habit that followed after reading every update.  I had either had a better life or worse life.  If someone was worse off, I felt great and on top of the world, but if someone was doing something better, cooler or more fun than what I was, I felt bad about myself, engaged in negative and shameful thinking, sometimes sparking a mini depression.  I felt frustrated with everything I wanted to do but was not doing in my own life.

I desperately wanted and knew I deserved so much more for myself, as I stood still while the world moved around me.  I was living through the computer screen, completely out of touch and ignoring my own dreams and desires.  I was open and ready to try anything.  I practiced silence, journaled, read lots of self help, gave up meat, meditated, practiced yoga and finally gave up social media.  It felt hard at first, like quitting smoking, trying to ignore the urges and realizing the frequency of them.  Sooner, rather than later, I didn’t even think twice about checking Facebook, while my friends and family and what seems like the whole world continues to feed their own addictions.  It felt liberating, the fact that I didn’t care and was solely focused on myself.  I felt clarity and connected with my desires.  I buckled down, completed a Yoga Teacher Training program, became a certified RYT 200 yoga teacher and created an inspirational blog.  I prioritized my life and put my well being on the top of the list along with my passion for travel, culture and growth.

If you’re feeling lost, frustrated and bad about yourself and your own life, deactivate Facebook and social media for at least a month is a sure way to find clarity and really connect with your own desires and dreams.

6 Things I Gained From Letting Go of Facebook

  • Time – Facebook will no longer be a time waster in your life.  You will no longer have an excuse to put off what you have been wanting to do and will now have more time to do it without the distraction of Facebook.
  • Stronger Connections – You will no longer be able to post or read updates, so you will have to connect to people using other methods.  You will quickly realize who you really care about and those that care about you.  Those that care will find ways to contact you.  You will start to build more solid and authentic relationships.
  • Deeper Satisfaction – You will rid yourself of outside influence and truly do things because you want to, rather than because someone else did it.  You will find a deeper satisfaction in being the driving force for the decisions you are making in your life.
  • Feel Better – You will rid yourself of the constant comparison to other peoples’ lives and negative emotions such as jealousy, shame or regret.
  •  Self Awareness – If you are that person who constantly posts your status and/or about all the cool things you are doing, then you will no longer be feeding your ego.  Each post, like, or friend request boosts your ego, building your false sense of self, taking yourself further away from what really matters.
  • Clarity – All in all, removing yourself from Facebook or social media will provide a reminder of what really matters to you in your life.  You will find the clarity and connection with the things and people you want and desire in your life.

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