Frankfort, MI is a quaint small town located on the north west shores of Lake Michigan off scenic highway M22.  I frequent this area often.  Hiking the dunes on Lake Michigan is one of my favorite things to do.  I am always looking for new places to camp and hike.  After doing some research, the cozy round wooden home in Frankfort, MI, found on airbnb, immediately stood out.  Who wouldn’t want to stay in a wooden yurt esk home, atop a hill over looking 68 acres of land?

Eran, Stephanie and their baby girl, Linden, built their round wooden home made from local materials.  They utilized locally harvested and milled lumber, featuring breathable natural plaster walls.  The bed, couch, sheets, blankets, and pillows are all made from organic cotton and/or wool.  I can say that sleeping in this bed will be one of the best nights of sleep you will ever have!  It is not too soft, but in some weird way feels more natural for my body.

Wild Wood Round Cozy Home, Frankfort, MI

Wild Wood Round Cozy Home, Frankfort, MI


The space is a round dwelling that circulates continuous uplifting energy.  Creativity will spew from your soul here!  This place has no TV or wifi, so connecting with yourself is the only thing there is to do.  Which I love!  Reading, writing, hiking and exploring are all great things to do.  Eran and Stephanie live in the barn next door, while they work on their farm and home.  They are wonderful loving souls who would love to come say hi if you do decide to stay here.  Eran and Stephanie specialize in Herbal Medicine and Sustainable Agriculture.  They plan to farm on their property and offer roadside nuts, vegetables and fruits.

Downtown Frankfort, MI

Downtown Frankfort, MI

Winter/Fall are wonderful times to rent houses/cabins since most availability is open.  A little snow adds a dynamic quality to your pictures.  Don’t let it detour you from getting outside!  Prepare yourself for wet pant legs.  Put on some water proof boots and get out there!

Point Betsie Lighthouse

Point Betsie Lighthouse

There are many things to do in and around Frankfort, MI.  The brewery, lighthouse, traveling up M22 and sleeping bear dunes are all places to visit.

Frankfort MI Things to Do:

Get inspired and learn more about Eran, Stephanie and Linden

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