Us Michiganders usually don’t think much of Ohio. We might venture there to ride some cool roller coasters or dive deep into some rock and roll history but usually it’s just the backdrop of flat land we see on I-75 from our car windows as we are passing through. All that changed for me once we arrived in the quaint little town of Logan, Ohio. Reminiscent of a small UP town it was filled with forest lined streets, windy roads and family diners and adorable antique shops.

Hocking Hills State Park is located in Logan, Ohio, a 5 hour drive from the Metro Detroit area.  It is a unique destination full of caves, gorges, waterfalls and rock formations that can be climbed and hiked through.  There are many places to stay including renting cabins or camping in the state park.  This is a highly visited attraction due to being one of Ohio’s most impressive sites.  It is well worth the trip, but expect crowds during warmer weather months.  We recommend staying 2-3 nights to have 2 days of exploring before your drive home.


Where to stay at Hocking Hills:

There are many options to stay while visiting Hocking Hills.  The cabins for rent are stunning and only minutes away from everything.  There are also many different camping options, but it is hard to pass up the beautiful and plentiful cabins available to rent for a decent price!  


What to do at Hocking Hills:

    • Hike Ash Cave Gorge – Hocking Hills most popular site to hike.  It is the largest, most impressive recess cave in the state.  Ash Cave is a beautiful hike, by far the easiest of them all, only 1/4 mile each way. This hike is full of green grandeur and gorgeous cliff sides that lead to beachy soft sand where Ash Cave Falls await. The size of this cave is absolutely  massive and amazing. Ash Cave Falls are delicate yet beautiful with great height. The best part of this cave was being able to go into the actual cave, touching the incredible sand stone on your way up which then led to stairs that took you to the tip top of the cave so you can actually stand atop of the falls. This view from the top is absolutely incredible!!
    • Hike Old Mans Cave – Similar to Ash Cave, this hike features lots of climbing along sandstone walls with water and bridges that lead you down into the gorge.  Hiking through caves and ending up at more falls.  This is a moderate hike, about 1 mile and takes around 1 hour to hike.
    • Hike Conkle’s Hollow – This is a moderate hike, 3/4 of a mile each way and pretty accessible. Staggered stairs start the hike which then turns into a rocky dirt path. This trail leads to a mystical cave and a delicate, beautiful waterfall. Standing in the middle of the cave once you reach the waterfall is truly a sight to see.
    • Hike Cedar Falls – This is a must see and is by far my favorite of the hikes.  The falls themselves are absolutely breathtaking. This hike was quite easy and only 1/4 of a mile each way, a dirt path leads the way. The hike to the falls was filled with amazing cliff sides, high caves and a babbling brook. Once you arrive at the falls you can hop on a few boulders and actually make your way right up to the falls. The soothing sounds, fresh smells and feeling the mist on your face was pretty amazing. An absolute must see!!

This trip was more then I ever imagined Ohio had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised and I highly recommend Hocking Hills to anyone who has a love for the outdoors. Being submerged in nature’s beauty so honest, peaceful and serene is truly Gods gift to us all. If you do visit I recommend doing a little research on the legends of Hocking Hills as this land has some great tales to tell :).