Lately it seems as if there is a race to the next best self help tool and that everyone is an expert in “how to love myself” or “finding my purpose.” An inspirational curator and motivator has become a career and spirituality is now an everyday t-shirt slogan.  The waters have become muddy and saturated with yogis, coaches and now the most recent, intuitive/psychic healers (including myself).  Sometimes it is hard to navigate from what is real and what is being marketed.

I have to admit, I have always been a believer.  In my darkest and deepest moments of despair is when I too searched google for answers.  I believed something was wrong with me and was hopeful that there was some magic that I was missing.  That a psychic had answers that could tell me what to do in times of confusion.


I booked my first healing appointment in hopes of finding answers that would cure me from my pain once and for all.


I surprisingly and not surprisingly found one in my area.  She offered psychic readings along with intuitive, past life and child hood healing that could heal anxiety and depression.  This was interesting to me because I had recently read Many lives and Many Masters, a book by Dr. Brian Weiss.  A traditional psychotherapist who writes about healing anxiety through past life recognition.  I was battling with anxiety and depressive moods caused from grief, so I booked my first healing appointment in hopes of finding answers that would cure me from my pain once and for all.

Multiple sessions later, I am now enrolled in a program to become an intuitive healer.  I have learned so much about myself and about healing from the inside out.  I have real honest emotions when it comes to healing.  Both good and bad.


So what is a healer?

A healer is NOT someone who can “fix” you.  There is no magic cure or special power that a healer holds.  A healer helps guide you to see patterns that are related to deep rooted beliefs.  A healer is similar to a therapist, however, with my experience, healers are more inline with a life coach.  They get to the root of your issues with no bull shit.


This clears anxiety almost instantly.


Something special that a healer does hold is the ability to ground their energy and help you ground yours.  This is done through visualization and actually does work.  This clears anxiety almost instantly.  Both people have a clear mind and feel at peace in their bodies (A place that I have now realized is foreign to many people).  You know that feeling when you lie on the beach or soak in your bath tub?  That instant peace is being in your body and grounded.  It can happen anywhere at any time instantly.  This tool alone can change the way you live.

After being grounded, the healer is able to connect to your energy.  They begin to witness what intuitively comes to them.  There is no logic or thought involved.  It is tremendously subtle.  For me, it is a feeling that begins to bubble up from within.  I am never exactly clear on what it is until I start to try to put words to it.  I imagine that with much more practice some intuitive healers or “psychics” are able to pin point things much more clearly and quickly.

The healer discusses what comes to them, mostly in feeling messages such as:  “I am feeling unworthy of success” or “I am feeling scared to move forward or like you are holding back something you want to say.”  It progresses to become more specific as the session moves forward and validation is received from the client.

The healer uses different visualization techniques to find the root cause of a belief.  They work together to release what the client is holding onto.  You are left feeling like a weight has been lifted.  For some the belief can come back, for others it doesn’t.


Why try seeing a healer?

I like seeing a healer because the anxious energy is removed instantly before the session begins.  Instead of spending time explaining a problem to a therapist, the healer is able to get right to the root cause and avoid the hour of verbal explanation about something that is most likely not the real issue.

The patient is in a clear connected state so they are able to see their issues objectively.  They are able to recognize energy they hold on to and can choose right then and there to release it or not.  It is not as overwhelming to deal with issues since you are so grounded and clear from most attachments that hold us back from releasing.

A healer believes that some beliefs that no longer serve us can harm us.  If you feel like you are unworthy of success, then you may struggle with money or finding work.  If you are avoiding feeling something painful, it can manifest in physical and mental disease.


It is normal to feel scared to let go of the beliefs that define us because who are we then with out them?


As humans, we are often attached to beliefs that make us feel like who we are.  Most of us define ourselves by our beliefs.  It is normal to feel scared to let go of the beliefs that define us because who are we then with out them?  It is so unknown and frightening.  Beliefs can hold us back from moving forward and healing.


What I don’t like about Intuitive Healing

What I don’t necessarily agree with or like about a healer is the beliefs that they themselves also hold.  There is much criticism in other areas like traditional medicine that to me discredits the healer who is trying to do good.  When a certain way is preferred and other judged, we become no different or better.

There is so much unknown in this world that I believe it is best to not try and define everything.  To get away from placing labels, constraints, boundaries and using logic to define things can be just as therapeutic.

I also don’t identify with the words intuitive or psychic healer.  I prefer to assist others by being present and encouraging the release of old stored energy.  Seeing the truth is more important to me than trying to intuitively guess what is wrong with the client.  I don’t want to suggest that psychics or intuitives do or do not exist, I really have no clue what is real in the energy world.  I do know that no one can ever tell you what is going to happen.  We all have free will and can always change our destiny if wanted and should not be the focus of a healing.

I do believe some people are better at holding space for others when it does get uncomfortable.  This is a gift some people are able to give, but is extremely draining.  They are able to remain present without identifying with themselves to assist the client in healing.  Anyone is able to do this if desired.


I don’t believe people need to be “fixed”.


I don’t believe people need to be “fixed”.  There might be tools picked up to get by in life that may no longer serve him/her.  If someone wants to change their life, seeing a healer might be a good option for them.  If they are not happy with the patterns they have picked up (mostly for good reason) or feel they are on the edge of breaking, a healer is a great person to find solace in.  They tend to be very empathic people that you can really feel connected to, which is a big part of healing.


My thoughts on seeing a healer

All in all I have learned so much about my own healing and energy by seeing a healer.  I have been taught how to manage my energy, even though I am not perfect at it, but I now know it is possible.  I am in my head much less than I was before.  To just be is a new concept for me and we all talk about it, but there is power in actually doing it.

Taking responsibility of what I am holding on to gives me power to release and let go.  I am more aware of what I choose to take on or not.  I know that all of my issues, feelings, and pain is in my power to release.